Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pictures by Owen 2009

How does my child see me? An interesting and largely hypothetical question. Unless your kid gets a hold of your camera.

A little off -center? I guess that's accurate.

He sometimes looks down on his brother. (Look at those chubby cheeks and pouty little lips!)

Harriet at rest.

An interesting perspective.
At Starbucks, "Please pretty mommy can I take some pictures?"
Who can say no to this face?

Not me, obviously. Especially not when we're out on a Mommy-Owen date.
I edited out the ones of the light fixtures and window shades.

He gets a new camera from Santa in less than a week. It'll be interesting what comes out of that. Stay posted.


xsfgirl said...

I love it! I look forward to his future works with the new camera.

PuddleThumper said...

i love the one of harriet! oh, you're pretty cute too Jennifer. They are interesting perspectives.

Enniferjay said...

Yeah, don't you love how he captured the droop of the dog lips on the floor.