Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thursday morning 3 am

It's now 3:30 am and Aldo and I have been up for over half an hour now. Greg's away for the night on business, so it's always my turn to get him. Aldo didn't go to sleep until after 9:30 then he woke up at midnight and then at 3. This pattern has been going on for a while, so I think it's become a habit, rather than molars or nightmares or just needing a cuddle. So, he's crying (sobbing) and it's awful.

Aldo throws the pillows and blankets out of the bed in protest. And his stuffed dogs which are supposed to be his loveys who help him sleep. If he's particulary pissed, he throws his blankets and pillow out, takes off his pajama shorts and diaper and then pees on the mattress.

So tonight, when I caught him bare bottomed at midnight, I put him in a new diaper and overalls which he can't unsnap--yet. And after 10 minutes of crying after 3 am, I told him if he didn't stop crying, I'd take away Owen. So, now Owen's sleeping on Greg's side of the bed. That made him cry more, but it didn't make him sleep. It did make me feel like a bit of a monster, but if Owen wakes up, it doubles my problem.

It's 3:39 now. The house is quiet. I'm going back to sleep. I bet I get until 5 am.


Helen said...

Ugh, that sounds rough. Claire woke up 3 times last night so maybe it is something in the air. Normally she sleeps through the night and Emma wakes us with a night terror. Will we ever look back on this time fondly?

Enniferjay said...

I think Swistle says yes.