Wednesday, November 19, 2008

That global warming thing

'Tis the week before Thanksgiving and it is still so hot here. Not just "unseasonably warm" but "record breaking heat" hot. It makes it hard to think holiday thoughts. I'm waiting for the eBay shipment of four footed pajamas that we need for the winter, but it's starting to seem like winter will never come. Like the Heat Miser has a grudge against us or we're living in the opposite of Narnia waiting for the White Witch to save us from the wildfires.

We've got the wading pool up in the backyard and the kids were playing with squirt guns today (or as non-weapons Mommy is trying to call them "water squirters." It is not catching on.)

I'm in the process of making the ever popular photo calendars, but there is a serious dearth of scenes autumnal or wintry.

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Helen said...

the late fall does stink in SD. It's the dark side of living in a semi-tropical climate... no good Fall or winter. Oh well, I figure by the time I have gotten rid of all my sweaters we will move north.