Saturday, January 31, 2009

Non-naptime conversations

Ah, the little ones are growing up so fast and are talking more and more. Owen and I have our best chats during our "rest times" which are not naps, but take place in my bed with our heads on pillows. Today he wanted to talk about "when he gets big," so we talked about how tall he was going to be (like Daddy) and how many dogs he wanted (8) and how many children (9) and what kind of person he would marry. He said that he wanted me to choose "his new mommy" which is what he calls his future wife. I'll have to remind him of that later. For now, I just told him that he would not find a new house or get married or have children until after college. Just trying to plant that seed in his brain now. He thought maybe he'd have all girls because we had all boys and my family was all girls. He's thinking some deep thoughts.

Aldo wakes up early and jumps out of his crib to toddle out to see what's available on the counters. And then he comes in to see if we're awake (we usually are but pretend to be asleep until the last minute.) I offered him an egg and pumpkin pie for breakfast (his stated favorite food) and he said, "That'd be cool." Funny little two-year-old.

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