Monday, September 15, 2008

Asian supermarket field trip

I went to the Asian supermarket last Friday with a friend and her kids and ended up with the usual cartful of interesting edibles. (Do I capitalize "Asian"? Why? It's not a country?)

My main mission was more Curing pills and Po Chai pills for happy stomachs. And jars of premade Lee Kum Kee sauces. A bunch of greens that you rarely find in the regular markets--Chinese broccoli, baby bok choi, Napa cabbage, (ok, you can find Napa cabbage in most markets around here, but this Napa cabbage was fresher and crisper. )

And the weird label stuff like the Pocari sweat. My friend got a can of fried baby clams for her husband. She says he asks her if she's trying to kill him when he gets stuff like that. I brought my husband home some Panky chocolate for the name and it's surprisingly delicious. I love me some Panky.

And purple toast. I forgot that I like taro toast. It's purple and a little sweet and sticky inside.

I need to go back for some soda crackers that I saw called, "Magic Flakes." I think I need some more magic about now.


PuddleThumper said...

I love the baby bok choi. You are right. It's better and fresher at the asian (rebel) market. Is the market far?

We loved the panky too!

Helen said...

Chocolate panky... I like the sound of that. You are going to have to take me some time!