Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The zoo

This is going to be quick because, as usual, I can only dedicate to this blog about the time and attention of the average teenage text message. I'm trying to get this in while they're still using their new zoo clearance-priced battery-powered fan to vibrate tunes out of the thrift store xylophone.

And I still haven't written anything about Seattle, which my tastebud miss dearly, because I'm waiting to upload pictures and that could take a while.

But today was a baby book moment--when the giant tusked pig ate Aldo's shoe. He was kicking his little foot over the bridge to the pigs (from flamingos to the monkeys) and I thought I had better stop that before... and there it went into the muck. By the time the keeper fished it out, it was covered in something dark and mudlike and was missing part of the heel. Chomp.

In other news, Aldo is potty training himself (who is this kid?) and has peed on the potty several times. He is now in pull ups and is ready to start preschool next month when he turns 2. In a terrifying and frustrating change of events, the school just told me it's full. So, they'll find a space or we'll find a new school. Harumph.

And today is Greg's 41st birthday. We gave him his kid-wrapped Goodwill presents--frisbees and a microwave egg cooker! And his photo mug of the kids in a tree. I've made barbecued chicken and potato salad for dinner (how domestic!) And we'll have chocolate cake from Whole Foods for dessert.

I was trying to duplicate the birthday cake I had in Seattle (Black Magic) but they have different cakes in different locations. So we have a Chocolate Midnight cake with a star and a moon on the top. I'll let you know if it's worth staying up for.

One hour until the babysitter gets here. The kids have abandoned the fans and xylophone and have taken the dog outside. Gotta run.


PuddleThumper said...

Happy Birthday Greg! I hope the cake was suitable as Keith and I are still talking about that Black Magic cake. It is really a bad thing they carry those at whole foods actually.

A pig ate Aldo's shoe? :-D

Enniferjay said...

Chomp. Hairy tusked pig ate Aldo's little croc. Good thing we got those new shoes at REI!