Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I need a time out!

Alternate title: Why won't they nap?!

Yesterday, I cleaned the heck out of the livingroom looking for Greg's lost stylus. The stylus is still lost, but I found a lot of heck.

And then when Aldo lost it from being inside for that long, we went to one of his favorite places on earth, the Model Train museum in Balboa park. He was so excited, he pointed and exclaimed at the parking lot, "There, Mommy, train!" And as we walked toward the museum he got more and more excited and vocal. Until we got there and realized (once again) that it is closed on Mondays. Oh, the sad refrain of "train, train, traaaaaaaaaain," all the way back to the car.

Today, we set out for the Mission Valley library storytime. Sure, there are other storytimes, but this one has singing and bubbles and dancing and lots of kids under 2. We stopped for a few groceries and got there just a few minutes late. I was a bit surprised to see so many parking spaces, but never imagined that it was CLOSED (gasp, muttered swear words,) for carpet repair. For the next month. Ungh.

Is noon too early to start drinking?

Fortunately, Owen got out the playdough and they're both playing with the playdough cookie cutters and such. It's a handmade batch, so it's color is muddy mold color. I was aiming for fuschia.

Greg mentioned last night that he really wants to go on an overnight fishing trip again. Soon. I told him he could go as soon as my overnight trip to the spa was booked. He said, "Tell me when," and I said "tomorrow." But maybe it'll be next week. I want a weekday.


Helen said...

You do need a time out! Both my girls are napping, but I cheated with Claire and forced some tylenol on her. She has a tooth that refuses to break through the gums! We tried playdough today too! But I ended it early when I got sick of yelling, "no mouth!" to Claire.

PuddleThumper said...

What a bad monday. :-/ Have you tried putting yourself in time out yet? I used to tell kids that I needed one because I was having a hard time being friendly and needed a break. I gotta say it often worked on not only me but on the the kids too.

did you book the spa yet?